Date Course Name
Mar – Apr CM Certification Program
25 – 26 Mar Rapid Agile Change Management
1 – 3 Apr APMG Change Management Foundation
20 – 21 Apr APMG Change Management Practitioner
28 – 29 Apr Rapid Agile Change Management
18 – 20 May ASPIRE
27 – 28 May Rapid Agile Change Management
10 – 12 Jun APMG Change Management Foundation
15 – 16 Jun APMG Change Management Practitioner
22 – 23 Jun Rapid Agile Change Management

MEUUS Circle

Join us for the next MEUUS circle on February 21st 2020.


How do you create an engaged workforce where employees are focused on achieving the organisation’s objectives? Creating engaged employees Wouldn’t it be great to have an organisation where it’s employees work together to achieve its objectives? We can help you build such an organisation by...

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Our Change Management Academy is dedicated to providing the absolute best educational experience for developing change capability, for yourself (ME), your team (U) or your organisation (US).  We strive to help you to achieve your goals no matter where you’re starting from or advancing to. We are flexible and accommodating and provide a safe and open training environment.

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Your project and business transformation is much more than just introducing new software or updating a process. At MEUUS, organisational Change Management is a structured, yet agile, and purposeful approach focused on transitioning your people, teams...

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Recent Posts

How to Kick Start Your Career in Change Management

Change is all around us – and the understanding of change management and various models, have been available since the 1950’s – models like the Kubler-Ross grief cycle – are still referred to today.

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How to manage your Change Management career

In the environment of continual change and evolution, how do you manage your career journey to ensure you remain relevant in the industry and are appealing to current and future employers?

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How to Future Proof Your Career in Change Management

With all the messages around artificial intelligence, data, digital, new technologies, dynamic workspaces and careers that we don’t even have right now – how do you future proof your career so you are ahead of the game?

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