WA Government Innovation Showcase 2020 highlights

The highlight for MEUUS last week was attending the WA Government Innovation Showcase 2020.

MEUUS was a silver sponsor at the WA Government Innovation Showcase 2020 and it was the highlight of our week. Well done to the Public Sector Network and the Department of Premier and Cabinet – Office of Digital Government for a well thought through and organised conference.

The showcase focused on the future opportunity for Government in Western Australia, putting the spotlight on collaboration and people. Our two favourite things at MEUUS. MEUUS’ tag line is ‘People matter in change’. It is something that we truly believe in and resonated in many presentations over the day.

Greg Italiano, Government Chief Information Officer, Department of the Premier & Cabinet, used the terminology of ‘Sensible Change’. In this he challenged Leaders to take up the role to set the tone and establish clarity for their employees during change. He asked Leaders to use the phrases ‘we care deeply about…. and are determined to work together through….’.

Sharyn O’Neill, Commissioner, Public Sector Commission talked about the massive opportunity for digital transformation in the public sector and asked the room to balance the risk and people in change. She believes that 6/10 employees in the public sector don’t have good ICT skills and we need to take this into account when rolling out system changes. She focused on investing in people and developing them, so they can change. Sharyn called for functional leadership, looking around and seeing who is doing change well and learning and leveraging from them when you are rolling out your own change.

Several people talked about the Department of Transport and their focus on taking their employees on a journey to develop them into the workers of the future. Isabeau Korpel, Director of Capability & Change Management outlined the agency’s 6 steps to develop their Leaders for the future.

At the Think Tank Session that MEUUS facilitated, the focus for most of the participants was on the people in change. How do they take people on the change journey where they develop a want to participate attitude?

MEUUS’ answer is that you need to make change everyone’s responsibility. That is why we focus on the ME (individual), U (Team) and US (Organisation). We want to embed change fully within the organisation. Change is not the sole responsibility of the Change Team or Change Manager. It is the responsibility of the

  • Executives to promote, champion and support the change by communicating why the organisation needs to undertake the change
  • Managers taking their employees through the change, by understanding where they are now and what needs to be done to assist develop and navigate their teams successfully through the change
  • Individuals to be open to doing something different, thinking differently and not be wedded to past processes because they are comfortable with them

If you would like to more know more, come and talk to us. Change is what we do and what we are passionate about.


Meuus has been many years in the making. It is driven by the desire of Bev and Janice to make a difference in a change environment by looking at the entire impact of change on an organisation. We are passionate about taking employees on a journey in business transformation that engages them in the change process and results in positive and effective business solutions.

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