Time to regroup and take stock of your capabilities?

Bev Andrews, March 2020

The COVID-19 maybe an opportunity for you to take a breath and think about what you are doing in your career. But where and how do you start?

Let MEUUS help you. With more employees working from home, there will be time to think about your career, today and for the future. Many of you may even be thinking, will I have a job after all of this? No one knows or can promise anything, but you can take control and use this time wisely.

Where to start?

Follow our 3 simple steps below

First, MEUUS have developed a quick questionnaire that helps you assess your Change Management Career Journey. The quiz is designed to encourage you to identify your starting point for your change and leadership skills and focus.

Second, we have provided a self-directed learning guide which enables you to consider what your career development goals our, different learning actions you can take and then a simple template to get you started

  • Identify your learning goals using the GROW model
  • Refer to the 70:30:10 learning framework for learning balance
  • Developan achievable learning plan

Third, when sourcing your10% formal learning, consider the MEUUS Change Management Academy.

Janice and I are passionate about upskilling change and leadership capabilities and our Academy will assist you identify and increase your skills across change, project and associated professions along with growing capability within your team or organisation.

Our courses are available here. Not quite sure what courses suit you? Then you may wish to complete our Expression of Interest form. We can chat to you about what you can do to enhance your career.


Meuus has been many years in the making. It is driven by the desire of Bev and Janice to make a difference in a change environment by looking at the entire impact of change on an organisation. We are passionate about taking employees on a journey in business transformation that engages them in the change process and results in positive and effective business solutions.

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