MEUUS has been many years in the making.

It is driven by the desire of Bev and Janice to make a difference in a change environment by looking at the entire impact of change on an organisation. We are passionate about taking employees on a journey in business transformation that engages them in the change process and results in positive and effective business solutions.

We focus on the the entire change process where people matter in change. ME U US – that is our focus. We look at all three components in organisational change.

ME How do we upskill the individual and get them engaged in the change
What training, guides and templates can the teams use to ensure a successful change occurs
US How do we create an organisation that embraces change. We focus on Leadership, Business Readiness, Organisational Structure etc.

MEUUS will deliver a tailored Change Management process that provides an end to end solution. It will incorporate all aspects of change from strategy, impact assessment and business readiness assessment to communication and implementation.

How MEUUS Can Help

To do this this we will offer

  • End to End change solutions for organisations
  • Assessment of Business Readiness for organisations about to embark on a change process
  • Providing education and assessment of Change professionals
  • Process engineering of procedural changes
  • Organisational change toolkit which includes
    • Position description revamp
    • Procedural changes
    • Structural change within teams
  • Project based change toolkit across all elements of a project structure, including
    • Change impact assessment
    • Strategy and planning
    • Execution
    • Transition and ongoing business sustainability
  • Act as referrer of business within the Change Management Network

Our Team

Where the inspiration begins: MEUUS has a team of exceptional and results-driven leaders who love to work with our growing clientele. Our team is eager help you get your business ready for change. Read below to learn more about our exceptional team.

Janice Marcon


Janice is an accomplished change and human resources executive with extensive experience in working with Executive Teams in aligning employees to the strategic objectives of organisations to enable them to maximise business outcomes. A key strength is an ability to build strong relationships with operational success and developing high performing cultures within organisations.

In a change environment, Janice focuses on how you build excitement about the change within the organisation and take all employees along the change journey. Showing employees the importance of the change and what it means for them and the organisation as well as creating an environment that encourages employee participation to embed the change effectively is a key focus of hers.

Janice possesses a style that is results driven and people focused. Her involvement in supporting businesses to achieve key strategic outcomes is genuine and her integrity is a key strength in the support that she offers leaders and employees alike.

Janice’s excellent relationship skills means she is able to relate to people at all levels within an organisation and to efficiently and insightfully identify behaviours and processes that are inhibiting the effectiveness of achieving short and long-term outcomes.

Qualifications: BA (UWA), DiSC Facilitator, LSI Facilitator, ISEI Professional Coach, APMG CM Practitioner

Bev Andrews


Bev is an experienced Change Management specialist who has devoted the past 20 years of her career to delivering business solutions across a broad range of services in a diverse set of industries.

As a change practitioner Bev has extensive experience in Organisational Management – managing, developing and facilitating change in order to achieve organisational improvement and transformation.

As an experienced facilitator, Bev has assisted organisations and employees prepare for change, build resilience and gain commitment. Bev has facilitated workshops, change management accredited training programs, story-boards, day-in-the-life walk-throughs and focus groups with participants ranging from executives to front-line staff.

Bev is a highly organised, energetic and self-motivated individual who has significant experience in designing, developing and facilitating organisational change projects – culturally focused, business initiatives, IT projects, products and ERP systems (SAP & Oracle).

Strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills are complemented by a demonstrated ability to manage a team to achieve targets and objects. Bev’s philosophy is to nurture and encourage employee development and her leadership style reflects this approach.

Qualifications: Grad Cert in CM (UNSW), APMG CM Practitioner Facilitator, Lean CM, PROSCI, APMG Agile Project Management (Foundation)

Janice Marcon


t: 0409 208 004
e: janice@meuus.com.au
w: meuus.com.au

Bev Andrews


t: 0457 803 925
e: bev@meuus.com.au
w: meuus.com.au

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