Change Leadership

How do you create the Leaders within your organisation?

Have they been your star performers that you promoted into manager roles? What education, coaching and role modelling have you provided your managers? Do your managers emulate the desired culture of the organisation?

If not, let us show you how you can educate, coach and develop your managers to become the leaders you desire in your organisation.

Want to improve your effectiveness, we will delve further into your style to understand how.

MEUUS offers IMPACT – our Change Leadership program for emerging leaders and those wanting to consolidate their skills and focus.


Exploring You

  • Why do you respond to situations the way you do?
  • How do you make your interactions with people more effective?
  • Challenge the way you think and how you can train yourself to respond differently.
  • What do you say to yourself after you have accomplished something?
  • Do you praise yourself or point out what you haven’t done?

Communication Strategies for Leaders

How do you create the Leaders within your organisation?

Communication within organisations needs to be multi-dimensional. Often time is spent in creating fantastic presentations and marketing material for employees to relay information to employees, however they tend to be a top down approach to communication with limited opportunity for the employees to provide honest feedback. Effective communication is letting your employees know what is happening in the organisation as well as having communication channels open to hear what your employees have to say.

How effective is your organisation in the following areas:

  • How do you obtain feedback from all levels in your organisation?
  • Do you create forums where you ask for open and honest feedback – and receive it
  • How do you create and promote your good news stories that occur within the organisation?
  • How do you treat the syncs in your organisation – the vocal ones who appear to be constantly criticising the organisation?
  • How does the decisions that are made at the executive level filter down to your employees?

Let us help you create effective communication strategies within your organisation.

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