Change Management
Certification Program (CMCP)

Our Academy is dedicated to providing the absolute best educational experience for developing change capability, for yourself (Me), your team (U) or your organisation (US). We strive to help you to achieve your goals no matter where you’re starting from or advancing to. We aim to be flexible and accommodating and provide a safe and open training environment.

Our Popular Courses, your Career Focus


​Get upskilled in our aSPIRe Change Management model so you
can embed your change in your organisation more effectively.

Rapid Agile Change Management

​Designed to show you how to combine Agile practices with Change Management tools in a new approach to facilitating change within an Agile environment.

APMG Change Management Practitioners & Foundation

Learn about the dynamics of change at the individual,
team and organisation level.

Change Management Certified Program

Designed for change professionals to become effective enablers of business change.

To be an effective Change Manager, you need to have the capability to facilitate change from small initiatives through to planned complex change. These changes can take place in a waterfall or agile environment.

Through our popular Change Manager Certification Program, you will be recognised as a change professional as you will be able to

  • Implement business change utilising pragmatic and proven solutions
  • Apply analytical and assessment techniques to understand the implications of change impacts on individuals and organisations
  • Explore different change approaches and how to adapt and effectively manage these

We build on your experience through our modularised program that combines theory with practical examples, and a case study to apply your learning and your own personalised tool-box.

The Change Management Certified Program (CMCP) Outline & Virtual  Learning Approach

Our CMCP program course is a 12 week program that is segmented into 4-week learning blocks.  The learning blocks were identified from the MEUUS Change Management Capability Framework (CMCF) and focuses on an end to end approach to change. This program is focused at  professionals who that want to work in the Change Management profession with increased confidence.

So how does the CMCP work?

The CMCP 12-week program covers the 3 Modules outlined below.  Each module consists of 3 topics covered in 1 hour webinars and a consolidation workshop at the end of each module.

The weekly modules are conducted online, with pre-course material provided prior to each session and post-course activities to encourage interaction and personal experiences.

Consolidating your learning

The 4th week is a consolidation workshop that provides an opportunity to put your learning in practice and share your experiences.

Course content

Change Practitioners key task revolves around engaging people and creating excitement and curiosity rather than apprehension.
As enablers, they guide and encourage change adoption & successful business outcomes.


​Get upskilled in our ASPIRE Change Management model so you can embed your change in your organisation more effectively.

The ASPIRE model will provide you with a structured approach on implementing and embedding your change.

Cost $1,995 +GST


  • 16 – 18 March 2020
  • 18-20 May 2020

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APMG Change Management

Change Management Foundation Course

Foundation course is designed to provide you with the skills and techniques you need to successfully manage change in a business environment. The training is presented as a blend of Change Management theory and practical examples. You’ll learn about the dynamics of change at the individual, team and organisational level. You’ll also learn practical Change Management skills for facilitating change, and be able to plan for and manage a change process. At the end of the 3rd day is an exam to ensure you have grasped the concepts of the course.


Change Management can be thought of as the link between deliverables and benefits. Unless deliverables are used and used well, the benefits will not be achievable.

Successful change is about getting the people to be “ready, willing and able” to use the deliverables.​​

Course Dates

  • 1 – 3 April 2020
  • 10-12 June 2020

Cost $1,995 +GST

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Change Management Practitioner Course

Gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the principles around how to implement and manage change in an organisation. This course goes beyond the standard syllabus and includes a lot of material that you won’t find in similar courses.

Introductory price of $1,295 +GST

Extra practical material is included in this course costs

Combined with the Foundation $2,695 +GST


  • 20-21 April 2020
  • 15-16 June 2020

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Rapid Agile Change Management (RACM)

The speed of change is accelerating. What tools do you need to deliver in an Agile environment?

This 2 day course has been designed specifically to address common Change Management issues in an Agile environment.  Rapid Agile Change Management (RACM) examines the causes of this problem and proposes a simple solution that can be tailored to the size of the change.

RACM combines standard Agile practices and with Change Management tools in a new approach to managing change within an Agile environment, enabling you to:

  • Be more effective in less time
  • Respond quickly to changing priorities
  • Respond quickly to changing scope
  • Keep focussed on the goals of Change Management and the objectives of the change initiative
  • Learn to work with Agile Delivery Teams

Course Dates

  • 27-28 February 2020
  • 25-26 March 2020
  • 28-29 April 2020
  • 27-28 May 2020
  • 22-23 June 2020

Cost $1,195 +GST

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Lean Change Management

As innovation and disruption continue to increase more and more organisations are looking how to change faster in order to remain competitive. Many of these organisations are looking at Agile to do that but tend to use outdated Change Management approaches that are not equipped to manage fast-paced change.

This 2 day workshop is designed to show you how to use Agile and Lean techniques to facilitate change. Lean Change Management is a modern approach that takes ideas from Lean Startup, Agile, organisational development and Change Management in order to help you figure out the best approach to the change you’re faced with.

You’ll learn what Agile is and how to apply Agile thinking to your change programs, as well as many good practices and light-weight planning and exploration tools for getting your change off the ground and headed in the right direction.

Cost $1,995 +GST

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CM Career Journey Workshop

Are you interested in Change Management and want to know how to develop your career but don’t know how. In this workshop we will breakdown the change management roles and show you the levels in our industry and the competencies required for each of the levels.

Workshop outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the different roles that are available in Change Management and what technical and behavioural skills are required for each level
  • Examine your set of skills that you have gained to date and map them against change management capabilities
  • Understand areas for future development
  • Showing you how you can future proof your career
  • Use the GROW model to set in place a plan to increase your skill set and map out your career plan

Cost $395 +GST

3 hour workshop

Date 14 November 2019

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Getting to know “Me”

This course is all about the “Me” in MEUUS (ME-U-US). We will examine how you step out into the world. What makes you react the way you do – and you will get you to examine if you can change how you digest and respond to stimuli. We will explore how you interact with the world.

We will focus on

  • We will measure your tendancies and preferences – which are reflected in your pattern of behaviour
  • You will get time to relfect on the challenges you have in your work environment and how best to tackle them
  • We will focus on how you can better influence and engage people at work

Cost $495 +GST

4 hour workshop

Contact MEUUS to book your place.

Leadership Development

This course is all about the “U” in MEUUS (ME-U-US). As leaders within an organisation, you have a direct impact on employees. Your leadership style will help shape an organisation’s culture and you will have direct impact on employees’ experiences. Therefore it is important for you to understand  your Leadership Style and learn the fundamentals of Leadership.

In this workshop

  • We will use the LSI tool to help you uncover your leadership style
  • Examine areas of strengths in your leadership style and target areas of development
  • Create a development plan to increase your leadership impact
  • Learn the fundamentals of leadership i.e. Leadership 101

Cost $1,195 +GST

2 day workshop

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Developing Individuals

Developing Teams

Developing Orgaisations

Developing Individuals

Building capabilities for change by investing in your own development enables you to effectively and proactively manage yourself personally and professionally in the Change Management profession.

Our mission is to help you realise your full potential by quantifying your skills set and developing a strategy to get you to the next level.

Whether you’re brand new to Change Management or have some experience and want to be able to progress to the next, we’re here to assist, encourage and support you take the next step in your journey.

MEUUS can help you plan your development through the Change Management Academy. We can identify your current skills and experience and guide you to develop skills as an exceptional Change Manager.

Below are the steps recommended by MEUUS to kick start your Change Management Career Journey:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of Change Management
  2. Gain skills in Project Management.
  3. Gain skills in other business or IT disciplines
  4. Assess how you stack up against change management competencies.
  5. Contact MEUUS for your private conversation.

Take our simple quiz and receive our FREE Information guide on developing your change management career.

At MEUUS we are passionate about the Change profession and the quality of people who want to make a difference for themselves, their organisation, their staff/team – for your future.

Contact us to discuss your goals and let us support you achieve your professional aspirations.

Discover the MEUUS Circle for yourself

At our next circle, we will be embracing the power of self discovery through DISC and using the GROW model, what is current reality and my career goals. Join us for a monthly discussion in as safe, fun and encouraging environment.

3rd Friday of each Month – MEUUS Circle – You and your career – an open discussion

We have many tools and resources that can support you.

  • One-2-one coaching sessions
  • Assistance with your resume, interview and LinkedIn profile
  • Coffee chats with other Change Managers
  • Introductions to business leaders
  • Introductions to top Perth based recruiters (national or international if required)
  • Short workshops to boost your skills
  • Formal accreditations to assist with foundational knowledge

Join us as we introduce you to a supported and tailored career development journey

Developing Teams

Building capabilities for change by investing in your teams enables your business to effectively manage change.

But where to start?

An effective change can only occur with an effective change team. Develop projects and create the environment where you and your team can achieve effective and lasting change.

Statistics show that 70% of all projects fail to achieve their expected outcomes. They tend to exceed budgets and are late in implementation and often don’t achieve their predicted efficiency gains. Organisations may find themselves with the same number of employees or more post project implementation. MEUUS can help you develop your inhouse change management skills to prevent this or provide you with trained change management professionals to guide you through your change.

If you’d like to know more about us and what we do, contact us today.

ME  – Developing mindfulness and purpose

U     – Developing team cooperation

US   – Developing competent change capability

Developing Organisations

Building capabilities for change by investing in an organisation to better support and facilitate Project Teams and Change Managers.

But where to start?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an organisation who will embrace your change? Our Business Readiness Tool will help you assess your organisations readiness to change and we can build a program for you to implement a successful and long lasting change.

Organisational Change Management aligns groups’ expectations, considers the impact of a change as a whole, integrates teams, and manages employee-training. MEUUS consider performance metrics, financial results, operational efficiency, leadership commitment, communication effectiveness and the perceived need for change in order to design appropriate strategies, resolve troubled change projects, and avoid change failures.

If you’d like to know more about us and what we do, contact us today.

ME – Project Team

 – Project Management Office & Change Management Office alignment

US – Organisational strategy