Welcome to Change Management as a Service

Your project and business transformation is much more than just introducing new software or updating a process.

At MEUUS, organisational Change Management is a structured, yet agile, and purposeful approach focused on transitioning your people, teams, and organisation from today to your desired future state.

But where to start?

We focus on enabling transformations through organisational and personnel solutions, powered by analytics and practical experiences to drive sustainable change. Our Change Management as a Service (CMaaS) includes an agile methodology and an array of practical tools and resources, which can be utilised ‘straight out of the box’, – adapted and supported to meet your needs or uniquely implemented using MEUUS professional coaching and onsite support.

Take a look at the different models on offer below.

Out of the Box & Self-service

Self-Service Model – provides templates and guides on Change Management.

Adapt & Support Options

Semi-Supported Model – provides templates and guides on Change Management and access to online help and mentoring.

Customise & On-Site Capability

Fully-Supported Model – provides tailored Change Management plan and assistance in implementing the plan.

Out of the Box & Self-Service

Self-service Model

This model contains

  • Vanilla based self-service option
  • Suite of templates and sample documents
  • Do it yourself “How to Guides”
  • Sample Case Study
  • On-line help

Adapt & Support Options​

Semi-Supported Model​

This model contains

  • Modified self-service option
  • Additional engagement and education templates and options
  • Do it yourself “How to Guides”
  • Sample Case Study
  • On-line help, mentoring by a change practitioner

Customise & Capability​

Fully Supported Model​

This model contains

  • Tailored and customised for client
  • Full suite of available templates and change process
  • Supporting “How to Guides”
  • Development of SME capability to lead change
  • On-site change lead

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